HP2HD 1.1.0 update

Hey folks,

Do people read these things? I don't know. I guess you're reading it, huh?
I have for you here a small update to Hello Penguin 2 HD. This change affects the balance of the game, but doesn't add new stuff, so we changed the middle version number. If you're wondering "Do I need to download this update if I already played the game?" the answer is no, it's fine.

In brief, we made the following changes:

  • Fixed the behaviour of damage modifying buffs - These only affected the character's basic attacks in 1.0.0 due to a bug
  • Made buffs last longer - in general, 3 turns -> 5 turns
  • Reduced the damage of counter and bleeding edge to account for the working damage buffs and to bring them in line with the other move's damage potential.
  • Fixed some graphical issues in the end cutscene
  • Speedrun mode now no longer calculates misses or critical hits to reduce the impact of "PNG" (penguin number generation)
  • Fixed a bug where trash would sometimes disappear unexpectedly leaving the trash collectors lost and confused
  • Fixed some input issues with the words of sealing
  • Removed unused cheat codes
  • Replaced the unimplemented status effect "Confuzzle" with "Introspected"
  • Buff to cryostasis mana regen
  • Fixed an issue where a character from some other game would appear during the credits
  • Fixed an issue with character portraits sometimes disappearing in the target select screen(hopefully)
  • Made it so that characters that don't exist can't be the target of abilities
  • Prevent Future Robot from selflessly sacrificing himself to save himself
  • The game should now be visible from the itch.io app

Thanks to everyone that's played 2HD so far, and especially thanks to those that donated because yknow, we at Hello Team appreciate it a lot. And remember - Penguin Loves You.


Version 1.1.0 Jun 04, 2019
HP2HD LINUX 1.1.0 81 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 04, 2019

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